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What is the GRE?

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized test that is required for admission to Master’s and Doctoral programs in the United States. In recent years, certain law and business schools have begun to accept the GRE as a replacement for the LSAT and GMAT respectively. A strong score is a key aspect to a successful graduate school application.

How is the test structured?

The GRE has two sections of multiple choice, and one essay section.

Analytical Writing: This is composed of two 30 minute response sections which test the ability to respond to an issue and analyze an argument.

Quantitative Reasoning: Two sections, each with 20 questions and a 35 minute time limit per section. This section tests your ability to apply fundamental mathematical concepts and solve abstract problems.

Verbal Reasoning: Two sections, each with 20 questions and a 35 minute time limit per section. The verbal tests your reading comprehension skills and grammar usage.

An important aspect of the test is that it is “computer-adaptive,” meaning that questions you answer correctly at the beginning of a test section directly affect the questions you are asked later on. Adept test-takers will receive more difficult questions as the GRE progresses, and difficulty of questions answered affects the overall score.

When can I take the test?

The GRE takes advantage of Prometric testing centers, which are used to administer a variety of tests and have hundreds of locations spread throughout the United States. Registration takes place online and test dates are available almost every day throughout the year. A maximum of five tests are permitted per year per applicant. Applicants can retake the GRE no fewer than 21 days after their last test date.

When should I take the test?

Foley Prep highly recommends that you take the test at least three months before your intended program’s application deadline. Doing so allows an applicant a buffer in case they need time to improve their score and prepare.

How can Foley Prep help you?

Preparing for a standardized test like the GRE feels overwhelming because of the breadth of topics it covers. Foley Prep has a cohort of full-time tutors who are experts in every subject of the test.

What a Foley Prep tutor provides is not only a quicker, less stressful method of learning the material on the test, but our years of expertise allow us to discern what topics are most important to derive the highest point increase. Not just going through a generic list of each topic presented on the test, but instead targeting the concepts that have the largest impact on your score. Furthermore, there are techniques and strategies that transcend the content-based nature of the test, which our tutors have spent years learning and perfecting across all standardized tests.

For any questions or inquiries about scheduling GRE tutoring, kindly contact us by calling or texting (732) 412-1416, or by email at info@foleyprep.com

High scores equal more options.

Foley Prep is proud to have an expert team of tutors, more than 70% of whom have earned a Master’s Degree or higher. As experts in their fields, those tutors scored in the highest percentiles on their own GRE tests. They have the expertise and strategies to help get you there, too.

Perhaps you have already selected a graduate school and program you wish to apply for, and you need to focus your practice on a specific area of the GRE. Or, maybe you haven’t made that decision yet and you want to distribute your efforts equally across all the sections of the GRE. Either way, we will be happy to work with you design a preparation plan that’s tailored to you and your needs. We incorporate content review and comprehension (not memorization) with test-taking strategies and time management skill building to help you reach your grad school admission goals.

We conduct most of our GRE prep one-on-one, either in-person or online. However, for groups of several interested grad school candidates, we are happy to arrange small-group sessions and packages as well!

For more info or to discuss your goals and needs with one of our Foley Prep Pros, please call or text us as (732) 412-1416.